Disclaimer: The Trees That We Deliever & Plant Will not look like the Photo. It is only meant to show how it would look like when fully grown. 


When in good leaf, this is one of Saudi's most reliable and attractive trees. Its compact growth and wide-spreading crown make it an ideal shade tree. It has bright, green foliage with large leaves that close up at night. From spring to autumn, the clusters of delicate, powder-puff flowers are very fragrant, particularly in the evening, deepening in colour with age. Often still on the tree during flowering and in winter, the flat pods, containing dark, round seeds, are prominent, and remain on the tree when the leaves have dropped, rattling in the wind. Their chattering noise has earned the tree the English common name of ‘Woman’s Tongue’. Unfortunately, owing to shedding of leaves during the hot summer months, the tree can take on a rather desiccated appearance, although this will be improved with regular irrigation. The root system is wide, but shallow. Fertilisation will maintain the lush green foliage and flowering, adding an accent to an arid landscape. A. lebbeck (known in Arabic as Labakh) is often planted in agricultural areas for shade, fodder and fuel wood, and produces dark-brown timber. It is an excellent tree for large gardens, parks and urban open spaces, and especially for roadside planting. Selective pruning of no more than 20% of foliage during the dormant season is necessary during the initial years to retain its shape and maintain a balanced branch framework. Plant during the winter: large specimens, especially those bare-rooted, may be slow to get started.

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  • General information

    amily Name : Mimosaceae

    Origin: Tropical , Sub Tropical

    Rainfall: Semi Humid , Semi Arid

    Propagation: Sowing and Pricking Out

    Maintenance: Moderate

  • Environmental Conditions

    Urban Climate: Resistant

    Desiccation: Vulnerable

    Drought: Vulnerable

    Irrigation: High

    Salinity: Very High > 5,000 ppm

    Hardiness Zones: -3°C

  • Plant Shape

    Vigour: Fast Growing

    Height: From 12 To 25 M

    Expansion: From 12 To 18 M

    Foliage: Deciduous

  • Flower

    olour: Yellow

    Size: 2 CM

    Flowering Period: From Early May Till Late September

    Smell: Flower , Gives freely of its scent , Strong , Scented

  • Location of Use

    • Public Open Space
    • Cars Park
    • Pedestrian Precinct
    • Street Neighbour Planting
    • Open Country
    • Linear Planting
    • Rock Garden
    • Highway Planting
    • Hillside Planting
    • Container Planting
    • Hillside Stabilization
    • Park Planting
    • Roof Garden
    • Grove Planting
    • Specimen
    • Tree Grille
    • Wadi Farm Garden
    • Urban Area

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