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Flamboyants, or bonsiana in Arabic, are amongst the most popular ornamental trees found in Arriyadh, where their feathery leaves are deciduous. Endemic to Madagascar, they are now distributed worldwide for their colourful blossoms that make them a beautiful attraction in late spring and early summer. Early plantings of the tree in Arriyadh during the early 1980s (CE) were not always successful, because young trees could not withstand the exposure to hot dry winds. With the gradual improvement of the microclimate and when planted close to the shelter of other trees. Spectacular, large bunches of flowers are protruded by long stamens. Bright-scarlet inflorescences appear from the age of 10 years onwards. After pollination, they develop into a large, dark-brown seed pod. The bark is fine-textured, and light grey or beige. Susceptible to frost, the tree survives a considerable period of drought and even tolerates some salinity, but such stress factors seem to decrease its life expectancy. Requires regular irrigation. During the growing season, it is essential to fertilise the tree, especially in poor, alkaline soil. It does best in fertile, well-drained ground which is not restricted by adjacent pavements, roads or buildings, since Flamboyants are surface-rooting and are liable to push up hard paving with their roots. The open, umbrella-shaped crown is made up of brittle twigs that are susceptible to strong winds. For its extraordinary floral performance, this tree deserves to be treated as a highlight in large gardens and parks.


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Family Name : Caesalpiniaceae

Origin: Tropical , Sub Tropical

Rainfall: Very Humid , Semi Humid , Semi Arid

Propagation: Sowing and Pricking Out

Maintenance: Moderate

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