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Planting 🌳 in Saudi Never Been This Easy

We help organizations achieve their sustainability goals and offset carbon emission by planting trees in a smart, affordable, and transparent manner.

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what we do for our 🌍 

Afforestation Projects 🌳 

We plant trees across the kingdom in lands that we've acquired permit to plant in. This way we cut the cost of planting a tree. Enabling you to plant more tree while maintaining your budget

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Community Engagement 🙌

This is your Service description. Use this space to describe what the service entails, benefits for users and any other important information.

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Impact Reporting 📄 

We measure your environmental and social impact and how it is integrated within your business;

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we do it smart

Our projects are paired with latest 4IR technology to ensure traceability, transparency and impact. 

So that we can make Every Tree Counts

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Aerial Assessment of Carbon Storage

We use drones to measure the estimated carbon storage per hectars for our restoration projects

Impact Dashboard

Organisations can monitor their impact progress and keep track of every tree planted on the ground. 


 Trees Planted 


tons of CO2 removed 


Locations within Saudi  


Social Initiatives 

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